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2015-07-14 03:36 pm

O P T - O U T | | G E N E R A L

General opt-out post for content!

Possibly triggering / uncomfortable content is mostly of the gore-y, purposefully manipulative behavior variety, in the sense of befriending others mostly for the purpose of using them later on. However, he's not incapable of somewhat genuine relationships / friendships, and he can always find someone else to use.

You can either opt your characters out of being manipulated / mindscrewed with, or opt out of interacting with him entirely.

All comments will be screened.
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2015-07-14 03:11 pm

O P T - I N | | A R D A - M A R R E D

Permissions post for allowing him to use any abilities on your characters. He won't do it willy nilly either way.

- MIND READING: OOC and IC permission allowed, though IC permission can be fudged a bit more)
- CORRUPTION / MANIPULATION: mostly OOC permission, though ICly he'll be trying to sway their opinion / appeal to them.
- GENERAL VIOLENCE / SORCERY / MINDFUCKERY: can be done on case by case basis
- ILLUSIONS: OOC permission. can be tied into mind-reading to make illusions of things from their memory, or can be illusions of other things entirely.

also this can be used as a plotting post if you want to run your character through the wringer for a bit 8V

NOTE: in general, these will not be done for absolutely no reason at all. mind reading can be done incidentally, manipulation can be on the downlow and not overt/for any malicious reason, but he won't be down for mindlessly kidnapping people for torture or slaughtering or illusioning them off a cliff. might go hunting as a wolf but that's something else.
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2015-07-04 01:19 am

A R D A _ M A R R E D | | I N F O

Name: the scarlet
Preferred Pronoun: whicheveerrr but 'she' is fine for simplicity's sake
Contact: [plurk.com profile] rancors, pm

Name: Mairon, Annatar, Zigur, Sauron
Canon: Tolkien's Legendarium, The Silmarillion, Akallabeth

Pull-point: Akallabeth, right after being drowned during the sinking of Numenor

Power Opt-in post link: OPT-IN

Content Opt-out post link: OPT-OUT

Age: ageless / before time / before the ufeatures, rounded / non-elven ears. currentLY appears to be mid-late 30s. eternally.

Gender/Sex: gender chosen as male, but theoretically chosen before any definitions were applied to male or female. physical sex generally chosen as male.

Appearance: no canonical description. in my depiction of his form at this canonpoint, he is ~7ft in height, Mannish (rounded / non-Elven ears), vaguely Numenorean in features. long black hair, brown/gold eyes. physically on the lean side, almost deceptively so. freckles on various parts of his body. has a scar over his throat where it was torn into by Huan.

History: He was a Maia, a lesser spirit of the Ainur, created by Eru Illuvatar in the beginning before anything else. From the teachings of Eru, Mairon became a follower of Aule, learning all things concerning smithing and stone. He valued order and efficiency, and shunned Melkor's chaos until well after they entered the universe and landed on Arda.

Only after the destruction of the lamps did Mairon fully 'defect' to Melkor's side, aiming to utilize the Vala's strength and power to carry out a new method of efficiency and order. In little time he became one of if not the most loyal of Melkor's servants, and soon became Lieutenant of the Angband fortress. As lieutenant he had a part in just about everything Melkor did, and the Elves named him Sauron, the Abhorred. When Melkor was absent from the fortress, Mairon was the one who assumed control his lands and forces, and he relinquished the throne back to his master when he returned each time.

Melkor's armies terrorized Beleriand for thousands of years. At the end of the War of Wrath, Melkor was captured by the Valar and dragged away, thrown into the Void as punishment. Mairon pleaded to spared and to repent, but refused to return to Valinor to face his punishment. Instead he fled and hid in Middle-Earth, choosing to take up the task of repairing the damage that was done. He set up his own kingdom, Mordor, and built the tower of Barad-Dur as its capital. Eventually he sought the aid of several Elven settlements. Only Celebrimbor of Eregion accepted his proposal.

Together with the Elven jewelsmiths, he and Celebrimbor made the Rings of Power, and Mairon himself made the One Ring to control the others. The Elves wearing the Rings of Power realized what was happened and rose up against him. Mairon in turn took his armies from Mordor and razed Eregion to the ground, took Celebrimbor hostage and eventually killed him, and proceeded to take over most of Eriador within the year. His hold lasted until Tar-Minastir of Numenor responded to Gil-Galad's call and drove Mordor's forces back.

With the Rings of Power, Mairon turned East and South instead, bringing the Easterlings and Southrons under his sway as he sought for the last Three made by Celebrimbor himself and still in hiding. He distributed the Rings of Power amongst Men and Dwarves, hoping to gain more minions or allies. He could not control the Dwarves overtly; the nine Men, on the other hand, eventually became Ringwraiths.

1500 years later, Ar-Pharazon of Numenor marched to Mordor and Mairon allowed himself to be brought back as a prisoner. Within three years he became Court Advisor to the King and soon turned the already Valar-scorning Numenoreans to worshiping Melkor instead, having them cut down Nimloth and sacrifice their own 'faithless' people in Morgoth's name.

Then he sent Ar-Pharazon to invade Valinor and Numenor was sunk. And Mairon along with it.

Personality: Manipulation is his game. He is called a deceiver, but he does not necessarily lie all the time. When he says he wants to heal Arda, it's true-- only his ideas and methods to do so are a little more than amoral. With his love of order and efficiency, one could say his modus operandi is 'the ends justify the means', in the most extreme cases. For all that he wants to heal Arda (for whatever his definition of 'healing' is; in this case, 're-ordering' it as he sees fit), he is completely fine with razing settlements, destroying forests, enthralling Men, tricking them into joining his forces. Perhaps in his eyes, Men and Elves are not required.

He promises immortality, power, godhood, freedom, and has the proof to back it up-- himself. He is strategic, resourceful, and if nothing else, he is a survivor of the War of Wrath, regardless of his status as a Maia. He witnessed the capture of his master, the death and destruction of Melkor's forces and his allies, his friends, and the fall of Beleriand. With only himself and no one else, he learned how to use what he did have to gain more, to do what he needed to do. Where Melkor might have shared some idea of his plans, his intentions for doing what he did, Mairon never does. Those closest to him after the War of Wrath either end up dead or under his complete control. The easiest way to prevent insubordination and betrayal.

Like Melkor, Mairon has a vision of how Arda should be, and is willing to use whatever means to achieve it. Unlike Melkor, however, Mairon is not as arrogant, not as petty, not as cowardly, and he is completely fine with following along.. but only those he chooses to follow, be it the Valar, Aule, or Melkor. He is and always will be a Lieutenant, someone who serves another. Yet at the same time, he only serves himself. He tries to throw off Melkor's influence and heal and order Arda instead of corrupting it for his master, even if in the end he winds up doing just that.

What he will do in a strange world with no means of control and limited power, one can only imagine. But time means nothing to him, so if he decides to lay low and wait, spend it doing other, less productive things.. well. He did spend almost 1000 years under the radar after Melkor's capture at the end of the First Age.

Abilities: Under my headcanon, Mairon is a follower of Aule and a spirit of the Earth, so his powers will reflect that (save for the sorcery that he learns from Melkor). Limitations will be proposed in parentheses.

- Ainur immortality, regeneration. will not age and is pretty hard to kill / keep dead.
(still has advanced healing/regeneration but not as pronounced as it usually is, and particularly devastating injuries will leave scars.)

- shapeshifting; canon forms have been a wolf, a snake, and a bat, all much larger than usual/man-sized or greater, under the reasoning that Huan was supposedly the size of a horse, so Mairon's form would not have been smaller than that.
(limited to these specific forms. restricted to a few times per day, more tiring than usual.)

- manipulation / control of elements, namely the earth, stone, and to an extent manga and lava, shaping it in the way that Arda was shaped. Nowhere near as pronounced as Aule's control or Melkor's, but still enough to pass himself off as a god. He uses this sparsely enough as is, and only on a small scale.
(cannot alter geography, limited to 10 square miles in effect; attempting to alter the music too much will be painful)

- lies and deception, using a part of his will to influence his manipulation and control over others.
(will be limited with permissions post.)

- increased strength, speed, resistance, resilience, superhuman, but only just.

- all but immune to temperature extremities and normal toxic environments-- regularly lives in/under/near active volcanoes and areas with little to no sunlight.

- sorcery: canon examples include enchanting the foundation of Barad-Dur to be indestructible by any current known means; enchanting a ring to improve upon latent powers and incidentally corrupt its wearer; and illusions, as used in the deception of Gorlim. in all, mostly defensive / deceptive magics.
in canon, the 'magic' battle between Mairon and Finrod is only described as 'songs' of power, of defending, etc, as an 'art' instead of classic 'magic'. my interpretation is that it involves manipulation of the music that was used to set the blueprint of Arda in the beginning, using one's voice as the transmitter. audio-visual illusions, so to speak. theoretically speaking, the only way to stop him from making any 'music' is to completely remove his vocal cords.
(will be limited with permissions post and draining effect when used on large scale / long term. given this interpretation, the draining effect could be a result of the sorcery being very tied to a specific world, and thus less effective in a 'different' Arda. limited to illusions of things not himself.)

- foresight, of a kind. knowledge of what Arda is and has been, will be; knowing the entire history of Arda in flashes and bits and pieces.
(limited to recalling only the history of his own Arda up until canonpoint)

- tolkien's version of telepathy / mind-speak.
(limited by permissions post.)

- Numenorean High Priest robes
- a knife concealed within a small idol statue of Melkor/Morgoth
- various Numenorean style jewelry pieces
- a pendant bearing the insignia of the Eye of Mordor/Sauron

Anything else: can he arrive completely soaking wet mid-drowning? 8V
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2015-06-16 12:50 pm

C O N T A C T | | R Y S L I G



*** AINU has joined
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2015-06-10 03:11 pm

A C T I V T Y | | R Y S L I G

for keeping track

permactivity check-in

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2013-10-05 12:57 pm

ataraxion: e m p a t h y p l o t

that's over here

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2013-08-16 10:22 pm


You have reached the voicemail of ".....Mairo--".

Please leave a message after the tone.

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2013-07-31 06:50 pm


WARNING for (mostly artistic?) body horror, blood, drowning, lots of outer space

losities )
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2013-07-11 08:58 pm

plot: b u c k e t l i s t

plots and mini plots and cr ideas. basically. in no particular order.

listen to the sound of hope, it's rising up )
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2013-06-27 01:47 pm

state of the gods

mairon [sauron] | the silmarillion

canon point: during the drowning of numenor
status: alive. misses his ring slightly less fierse. adequately distracted by nannying melkor. FIRED. OR QUIT. IT'S COMPLICATED MISSES MELKOR SOMETHING FIERSE. ALSO HATES HIM. BUT MOSTLY MISSES HIM.
noticeable features:
↪ 7 ft tall
↪ long black hair, brown-almost-golden eyes
↪ light scarring on his neck (semi-canon)
↪ pockmarked scarring on abdomen (in-game, from shotgun wound)
occupation: hobo forge, smithing, melkor's nanny
↪ 1 4 ft long dragon named glaurung
↪ 1 pair morgoth's dried and withered feet
↪ 1 set crew-issue uniform
↪ 1 set numenorean civilian robe/tunic/idon'teven, shoes, trousers
↪ 1 leather apron, work gloves
↪ 1 set blacksmith tools (forge)
↪ 15-set fake replicas of the rings of power
↪ 1 ruling ring, depowered
↪ pleasant velvet jewelry box, thanks tq
↪ his own withered ring finger thanks tq
residence: wherever he wants
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2013-06-26 08:41 pm

plot: p h a n t o m s

..He saw as he thought a light at the window; and coming warily he looked within. There he saw Eilinel, and her face was worn with grief and hunger, and it seemed to him that he heard her voice lamenting that he had forsaken her. But even as he cried aloud the light was blown out in the wind; and the wolves howled..

..Then Sauron laughed; and he mocked Gorlim, and revealed to him that he had seen only a phantom devised by wizardry to entrap him; for Eilinel was dead.

mechanics and ideas and the like )
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2013-05-09 06:34 pm


sanwe latya (thought-opening)
described as 'communication of thoughts', not exactly like mind-reading. distance is a non-issue (except in cases of huge gaps, such as between the surface of a planetary body and an orbiting ship), and the presence of a foreign 'invader' can be perceived by the receiving mind, especially those with magical/spiritual abilities.

it is less a form of magic than it is one of the spirit. the basic idea is that one's mind/spirit willingly enters the mind of another and takes or leaves a thought or idea. the one whose mind is being entered can willfully close their mind to the intruder and have absolute protection, though whether this requires practice and/or skill is.. vague. this 'unwill' cannot be overcome, but can be 'removed' if the reader convinces the receiver to open their mind.

for the purpose of panfandom, i'll have it as anyone will be able to keep him out of their mind (something like a mental 'NO' or just not wanting to have their mind read. mental barriers will also work). the presence can be perceived and therefore rejected, that is, if your character recognizes the presence for what it is. i would elaborate on what something like this feels like but i really have no idea. maybe just think of it like that niggling persistent ninja headache that never quite becomes a real headache.

he won't be actively scouring minds yet. this form is mostly to know who wouldn't be blocking him out when the time comes to tip toe around. cr will undoubtedly change out characters react, so i'll try not to reply to comments in case the permissions change.

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2013-04-16 12:11 pm

(no subject)

Your Name: the scarlet
OOC Journal: [personal profile] chimney
Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: overrrr
Email + IM: eisrequiem(at)gmail(dot)com; lacqueried@aim
Characters Played at Ataraxion: legolassie

Name: Mairon, possibly with Artano or Aulindel as a 'surname' if forced to provide one. it might be his real name, it might be an epithet, but it's the closest/earliest one we have.
Canon: the silmarillion/tolkien legendarium
Original or Alternate Universe: original
Canon Point: during the drowning of numenor
Number: --- » 018 » 001

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